Frequently asked Questions

Q. When can I buy my Grad Ball Ticket?

A. Tickets are available on a first come first serve basis from 13:00 Saturday the 13th of May from the Gallery entrance at the LSU building. Tickets are available for any student and their guests to purchase and are not exclusively for graduating students. Both the £15 deposit and £55 tickets will be available on the ticket sales day but don’t delay as the tickets are in high demand.

Q. How can I pay for my ticket on ticket sales day?

A. We accept cash payments and card payments. Contactless will be available on £15 deposit tickets.

Q. I can’t be there on ticket sales day can someone else buy a ticket on my behalf?

A. Yes you can buy tickets for your friends but please where possible have either their student ID card or a photo of their ID card.

Q. I don’t have anyone that can buy a ticket on my behalf and I can’t be there on the ticket sales day what should I do?

A. There is a possibility that not all tickets will not be allocated on the ticket sales day. If this is the case they will go online to be sold from 15th May in very limited numbers. Tickets sold online from Monday 15th of May onwards will have a booking fee added to advertised price.

Q. Can I buy my ticket online?

A. You will be able to buy any remaining £55 tickets online from Monday 15th May and will have a booking fee added to the advertised price.
A. There are no £15 deposit tickets on sale online, these are only available on the ticket sales day on Saturday 13th May.

Q. What does the £55 ticket get me?

A. Your £55 ticket gets you entry to the Graduation Ball on Friday 21st July. If you buy it on the ticket sales day it also gets you free entry to FND on Friday 26th May, and 25% off Starbucks and JC’s from 9am – 9pm on Monday 17th July to Friday 21st July.

Q. What does a £15 deposit ticket get me?

A. A £15 deposit ticket is a non-refundable deposit that reserves you a graduation ball ticket. with a £15 deposit ticket you then have until midnight on 13th June to pay the £40 balance online.

Q. I can’t be there to buy a ticket on the ticket sales day; can a friend buy a ticket on my behalf?

A. Yes you can buy a ticket on someone else’s behalf; please can you bring that person’s ID card or ID number so that we know whom the ticket belongs to.

Q. Can my friend, a non-student, attend the Grad Ball?

A. Yes, students can bring non-students as guests. You will need to buy them a separate ticket.

Q. Can I attend as a Postgraduate/ Mature/ Part-time/ College/ First year/ Second year/ Placement year student?

A. Yes, the ball is open to all students!

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. Yes, this is an over-18 event only.

Q. How do I buy a ticket Online?

A. To purchase your ticket online, you will need to be logged into – to login you will need to know your university or college account details. do not use a guest account to purchase your tickets, as they will not be attached to your university I.D. if you are having any issues logging in, contact when the tickets are available for purchase you will be able to access them via the “grad ball” section of this site, and directly though

Q. How do I know that I have paid for my Grad Ball ticket?

A. On the Ticket sales day you will be issued with a receipt that you need to keep. We will be emailing you ahead of Friday 26th May to confirm this purchase. If you have not received the email by Friday 26th May please contact
A. If you buy your ticket online log into and select account in the top right hand corner of the page followed by purchase history which tells you exactly what you have bought. These instructions will also be sent to you on an email before Friday 26th May. If you have not received the email by Friday 26th May or in the unlikely event your purchase history displays incorrect information please contact

Q. I bought my Grad Ball deposit ticket, how do I pay the balance?

A. If you have bought a grad ball deposit you have until midnight on the 13th June to pay the balance. You will receive an email from us explaining how to pay your balance, this email is scheduled to be sent out to you before Friday 26th May. If you do not receive this email please contact

Q. Why is there no food option?

A. In recent years the number of students taking up the VIP food option has decreased to a level that makes it no longer cost effective to provide. Loughborough and the surrounding area has some fantastic places to eat if you still wish to eat before the ball, however please be aware that the event starts at 21:00.

Q. When do I get my Grad Ball wristband?

A. Once you have purchased your ticket we will send you more information about collecting your wristband, which will take place in the Fusion Entrance during the week leading up to the event and on the night of the ball itself. We do recommend collecting your wristband in advance to avoid unnecessary queuing on the night of the ball.

Q. What time should I arrive?

A. The ball starts at 21:00 and will finish at 4:00, last entry for the event is 23:00.

Q. Do you make provisions for students with disabilities?

A. Yes where possible, if you have specific requirements that need to addressed please email

Q. Is there a dress code?

A. The Graduation Ball is a black tie event.

Q. Do I need to bring my student ID card to the ball?

A. You need to bring either your student card or photo ID such as a passport or driving licence as we may ask you to prove you are 18+ before serving you alcohol.

Q. I’ve bought a ticket and I can no longer attend, what can I do?

A. Unfortunately we do not refund tickets for the grad ball, where possible we will try and help you transfer a ticket to someone else who wants one if we know of anyone that requires one for assistance with this please email

Q.  What happens if I have more questions?

A. If you have any questions about the Graduation Ball, please email